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Part of the Family

The World of Learning conference is an annual highlight, not only for education professionals but for anyone with an interest in staff development. Among the themes of this year’s event at the NEC, one stood out – effective employee on-boarding.

This is a vital part of the training and development process and companies that get it wrong may not get the opportunity to put it right. An alarming number of people quit new jobs within the first week, and many more decide very quickly that their new company isn’t a long-term option. To quote the CIPD:

“Even when people stay for a year or more, it is often the case that their decision to leave sooner rather than later is taken in the first weeks of employment”

Sometimes people just don’t fit. But how many people walk away from something that could have developed into a rewarding personal and professional experience simply because they weren’t made to feel welcome?

With many employers boosting their workforce with skilled people who are non-native English speakers, Absolute Translations is proud to support brands who see the benefit of translating induction and other HR documents into multiple languages as an investment in morale, productivity, health and safety and the future of their business.

Without a tailored induction, new employees can find themselves in a position where they never fully understand the business they’re working for or their role within it. They may never fully integrate into their team, they may never reach the level of productivity they’re capable of, and as frustration mounts they may well put down their tools, switch off their computer and walk out of the door, never to return.

What are we hoping to gain from an employee induction? The best HR and training practitioners we’ve worked with all say the same thing.

We want the new person to feel like part of the family.

It’s difficult to feel that way when the nuance and warmth of a communal message escapes you. It’s difficult to take pride in a company’s ethos and brand values when they’re not absolutely clear. New staff in any location and any role deserve a warm welcome and a clear picture.

What does your company stand for? Where do you want the business to go, how can new employees help you get there and how could that shape their future? The answers to these questions can excite and inspire. Instead of regretting their career choices, your people will hit the ground running and hopefully never stop.

The only barrier to this success is one that Absolute Translations has been breaking down for well over a decade. With our support you’ll find that language is no barrier and welcoming new employees is no burden.