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Age of Consent

Not all legal changes have a direct impact on our working lives, but the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes law on May 25th 2018, will change the way professional people communicate. This unifying law increases privacy rights for individuals and strengthens obligations of companies. Those who don’t comply will be hit hard, with fines of up to 4% of the global turnover. GDPR requires employees and customers to give unambiguous consent for data collection and use. That consent must be given specifically, and on an informed basis. It won’t be lawful to ask people to tick boxes with no clear idea of what they’re agreeing to.

At Absolute Translations we see our clients working hard every day to build trust with employees and customers. We see you delivering job satisfaction and wellness and prioritising customer satisfaction, and we’re proud to help you do it with a translation service that makes working lives more productive and profitable. We succeed by listening to our clients and consistently finding better solutions to the challenges they face. One of the key challenges you’re facing now is GDPR compliance. And yes, we can help you with that too. Where you need to demonstrate specific, informed consent, you need clear, unambiguous communication. In any language.

Over the coming months and years, test cases will shine a spotlight on exactly what we mean by “informed consent”. One thing you can be sure of is that when you rely on communication in someone’s second language, you leave the door open for confusion. Even when employees and customers demonstrate good English skills, the nuance of language sometimes escapes them. The difference between fully understanding a turn of phrase and missing its true meaning could be the difference between compliance and prosecution. You need clarity, certainty and peace of mind. Absolute Translations delivers it.

GDPR is coming. Non-compliance will cost you money, reputation and maybe even your survival as a business. We help you stay on the right path. Contact us for all your compliance translation requirements, and we’ll help you prepare for the age of consent.