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Driving Ambition Through Technical Translation Services

At Absolute Translations, we promise to be there when our clients need us. In 2018, our clients in the automotive industry need our support more than ever. Britain makes 1.7 million cars a year, and 80% of them are sold overseas.


Would you buy a new car if you couldn’t understand what was written in the service manual or the sales brochure? Customers across Europe; Asia and Latin America need to be persuaded to part with their money. So, Absolute Translations is happy to offer linguists with a mastery of technical language, skilled in the translation of:

  • CAD drawings
  • Service and installation manuals
  • Operating instructions and user manual translation
  • Reference guides
  • Product catalogues and brochures


Absolute’s track record has earned us a long and varied client list, featuring global names in vehicle manufacturing as well as companies of all sizes in the supply chain and aftermarket. With well over 2,000 British businesses relying on automotive exports, the stakes are high.


When you’ve researched, designed and tested an industry-leading product, showing impeccable attention to detail at every stage, what are your priorities when introducing it to a promising new market? Why let yourself down and sell the product short with sub-standard communication? Absolute Translations will capture the key selling points of your product, giving you the best possible promotional platform. The devil is in the detail, and so is the sale.

When you’re attending overseas trade fairs, many of your target clients will have an impressive grasp of business English. Common sense and a mountain of statistical evidence will tell you they still won’t buy without accessible, accurately translated material in their native language. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Who would you prefer to deal with? The partner who made minimal effort to communicate or the one who made every possible effort, offering you professionalism and convenience in equal measure? Absolute Translations delivers technical and marketing translations and conference interpreting services that will help you build bridges, relationships and profits.

While the majority of Britain’s automotive products are destined for European buyers, Brazil, Japan and China are increasingly lucrative markets. Our linguists deliver impeccable work in Brazilian Portuguese; Japanese; Mandarin, all 24 official languages of the EU and over 200 global languages in total. Long-standing clients including Renault, Volvo, Lexus, Jaguar and Mazda invest billions in research, development and manufacturing. When they need to communicate with a multilingual audience they safeguard that investment by working with Absolute Translations.

We’re the partner that helps you fulfil your driving ambition.