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Picture Perfect Language Services

While Absolute Translations is happy to offer you an impeccable language service, we recognise that serving a client’s best interests often means doing far more than simply translating words on a page.


More and more, you’re coming to us with requests for print-ready multilingual material. We’re proud to have earned your trust not only in our ability to translate text into multiple languages. But also in our ability to deliver flawless brochures; presentations and manuals. We’ll never take that trust for granted, and thanks to our bespoke Desktop Publishing service we know we can keep on delivering to the standard you deserve.

Images change opinions as much as written arguments; sometimes even more, and clients can make up their minds for or against what you’re presenting; before they’ve read a single word! A good translation with poor formatting and layout won’t have the impact you want. Sometimes it will have precisely the impact you don’t want and leave you empty handed in spite of good professional work translating the written word.

A thousand words of European or Brazilian Portuguese translated into English will, on average, convert into 1,300 words, while text translated from English to German may expand by anything up to 20%. Failure to build these changes into your marketing material or technical manuals can leave you looking foolish; unprofessional and even non-compliant with important regulations. Absolute Translations protects your reputation with teams of DTP specialists who understand how text expands. And we contract between languages and are adept at changing fonts to match target language scripts. We are happy to offer you experienced teams who work with original source files in a wide range of formats; extract text for translation and seamlessly recreate the sense and spirit of your visual message. We help you connect with audiences in Arabic countries whose people read from right to left and in Japan, where consumers expect websites to feature dense tightly packed text in multiple columns with bright clashing colours and flashing banners.

The goal of our desktop publishing; like the goal of so many multilingual services, is to deliver a product that looks as if it was originally created in the target language. Together Absolute’s translators; typesetters and designers achieve that goal, and whatever your business goals are we’ll help you achieve them too. When you need to make the right impression, there’s really only one language service provider you should be talking to.

Don’t just be word perfect. Be picture perfect with Absolute Translations.