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The Benefits of Utilising Expert Website Translation Services

Over the last few years, the world has seen an increase in globalisation which has presented businesses with huge opportunities to expand into new markets. For example, online tools such as social media and websites have made it dramatically easier for businesses to raise awareness of their brand to a global audience.

However, this rapid globalisation has increased global competition for businesses – with businesses having to fight for the attention of over 3.5 billion users. As a result, brands must ensure that their website is multilingual and properly localised in order to succeed internationally.

At Absolute Translations – the UK’s leading translation company, we provide specialist website translation services in over 200 languages. Here are just a few of the ways website translation services can help translate and localise your website; to promote your brand to an international audience.

Adapt brand identity and message for different cultures and audiences.

Through transcreation, our team of highly qualified translators will modify the text on your website to suit your target audience. This is particularly important when it comes to idioms and slang as these may not translate well to your foreign audience. After all, different groups will react differently to symbols, messages, cues and even colours on your website. Not only will our native-speaking translators adapt the text into another language but they ensure the intended message stays the same and evokes the same emotions in the target language as it did in the source language.

Consider country and language combinations.

It goes without saying that just because a website user lives in a certain country, it doesn’t determine their native language. For example, there is a large community of expats based in Singapore and Germany where an array of languages are spoken; from English to Arabic. There are users who will want to view content in their native language but with the prices displayed in the local currency. As a result, businesses should consider allowing users to select the country and language preference. Our website localisation services work on every level; whether it’s advising you on small adaptations to your website or delivering high quality translated website copy to portray your brand message.

Include effective multilingual keywords to reach international customers.

When it comes to creating keywords for your multilingual website, it’s not as simple as just literally translating your current keywords into another language. Often, the most effective keywords for your business may not translate into the foreign market – particularly if it’s a colloquial term or a nickname for your product. Our team of professional translators can assist you on the correct way to implement your keywords and ensure your meta tags are translated and localised.

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