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The Benefits of Using Interpreting Services

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Absolute Translations are proud to say they are the UK’s leading provider of translation services. We provide a wide variety of expert linguistic services in over 200 languages for both businesses and individuals. These services include professional document translation services for passports and certificates, translation of specialist subject matter such as law, finance and medicine; as well as interpreting services.

There are plenty of benefits to businesses using interpreting services during their worldwide expansion. If your company is looking to communicate with foreign business partners but cannot speak their native language; a professional interpreter can assist you with expert knowledge of both the subject matter and the foreign language.

What are interpreting services?

Unlike traditional written translation services, interpretation is a form of oral translation. It often involves real-time communication between a group of individuals either face-to-face, in a conference setting or over the phone. The interpreter will then repeat what is said in the target language. Interpreter services can be used in a variety of different scenarios for businesses; such as partners relaying important information to their overseas colleagues.

Are there different kinds of interpreting?

The team at Absolute Translations provide a wide range of interpreting types including:

Simultaneous Interpretation – With this type of interpreting service, our interpreter will listen to the message of an individual and then repeat the speech back in the target language simultaneously. While they are relaying the message back to the client; our specialist interpreters will continue to listen to incoming messages.

Consecutive Interpretation – During consecutive interpreting, Absolute Translations’ expert interpreters will wait for each speaker to finish their speech, which could be anywhere between one to five minutes. They will then analyse the meaning of the speech before repeating it back to the client.

Whispered Interpretation – This type of interpreting involves the interpreter translating the message into a target language which is understood by the majority of participants in the conversation. Our interpreters will translate the source speech into the ear of the listener using a low voice.

Telephone Interpretation – Ideal for business meetings, telephone interpreting services allow you to use an interpreter remotely; even if they are not available face-to-face. We have a team of coordinators who will gather the contact details of all the participants and set up the call between your group. This is a very efficient way of communicating for last-minute meetings; as the call can be set up within a few minutes.

How can Absolute Translations help my business?

Here at Absolute Translations, we believe interpreting services are invaluable to a business’ success in communicating with foreign partners. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a high-quality interpreting service with a team of native interpreters in over 200 language combinations.

For more information about our expert interpreting services; get in touch with our team on 0333 577 0767.