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Social Media Day: How Professional Translation Services Can Benefit Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s day to day life. We use it to communicate with our friends and family, share the latest news and connect with our favourite brands. However, for businesses, the use of social media is completely different. Social media is an important marketing tool for businesses, helping companies to build relationships with their target audience and sell their brand.

However, what happens if you’re looking to expand globally and your target audience doesn’t speak the language of your social media content? According to recent research, a total of 51% of content online is written in English but only 23% of the internet users actually speak English. As a result, the translation of social media marketing campaigns and online content is crucial for maximising your international reach on social media.

Here at Absolute Translations, we offer a range of professional translation services, including the translation of social media campaigns and marketing materials. As the UK’s leading provider of translation services, we have a specialist team of translators who have a good understanding of social media and speak over 200 languages. Here are three advantages to translating your social media content for international audiences from the team at Absolute Translations.

Reach A Wider Audience of People

Generally, one of the biggest benefits of social media is the vast audience you can reach. After all, there are currently 3.48 billion social media users in the world; just under half of the world’s total population! You may think that just translating your campaigns in English is enough to capture a global audience. However, there are just 360 million native English-speakers in the world. Translating your campaigns into multiple target languages gives you the potential to reach billions of people who could be interested in your product.

Create Campaigns Your Audience Will Actually Engage With

It’s easy to think that once you have translated your social media campaign that it is fine to be sent. However, translation is not the only process needed to create amazing international social media campaigns. Every social media campaign must be localised to increase its cultural relevance. For example, your business may have created a Valentine’s Day campaign of a man showering his wife in presents for an Asian market. However, Valentine’s Day in Japan is where women give men gifts of chocolate; not the other way round!

Makes Your Brand Accessible

For businesses, it is important to be accessible; particularly when it comes to designing products and features for your customers. However, this also extends to the media you put out. Not only should it be accessible for users with disabilities but you can tap into a whole new market; especially when international social media campaigns are translated into a user’s native language. It avoids miscommunication between the brand and their customers; as well as increasing the chances of them buying your product.

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